Heartfelt Harmonica

Photo by Jose Antonio Jiménez Macías on Unsplash Back in July of 2001, we began a journey. It was similar to the experience you have when you explore a country road that you haven't followed before, not quite sure where it will lead, but eager to see what is over the next hill, or around the next bend in the road. We have arrived at one of the landmarks along the road. In the middle of July of 2002, we completed the Harmonica Hymns series, which consists of over one hundred solos of traditional Christian hymns, along with sixteen traditional Christmas carols, all beautifully played on the harmonica. The result is an interesting collection of music that is wonderful for generating an atmosphere of peace and meditation.

This project has been focused around the efforts of Richard and Randy Oxentenko and their family and friends. The series is now complete. You can see a list of the songs on each album by clicking on the "Harmonica Hymns" button at the left. You can listen to selected songs online. Feel free to browse our song list, and the corresponding CDs.

If you have had an opportunity to listen to any of these CDs, we would love to hear your comments, both positive and negative. We are eager for suggestions about how we can make this better. You can send us email by clicking here .

If you have not heard this music yet, mark out an hour on your calendar, and prepare for a refreshing change from the daily grind!

If you are in the mood for Christmas, here is Yuletide Harmonica.